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coveralls for women

March 2018

Sponsor Deal. The desk people at CPH:DOX at Kunsthal Charlottenborg are wearing Drud´s Coveralls.

coveralls for women

March 2018

Fake Tatoo. Pic by Sara Skytte for an article in the Danish Magazine Hendes Verden

flyverdragt til kvinder

November 2017

Me and my body and my Coveralls on independent web channel Chri Chri TV


September 2017

Me and my wardrobe. The weekly magazine Alt for Damerne


February 2017

In the Danish newspaper Politiken

59-year-old makes coveralls for adults: "I don´t make fashion. It´s for keeping your butt warm" 


Winter 2017

Mentioned in Danish Radio and Televsion broadcast


Winter 2016

Drud´s Coveralls in the weekly magazine Alt for Damerne

coveralls for women

Winter 2016

Drud´s Coveralls in Girls Are Awesome

Meet Birgitte Drud—Coverall Designer, Tango Dancer and Quite Possibly Copenhagen’s Coolest Lady

Rejoice! Coveralls for women are cool again—and it's all thanks to Birgitte, her new brand and her kick-ass personality.

When was the last time you saw somebody wear a pair of coveralls? Probably while walking past a bunch of construction workers wearing super-thick, dirt-caked ones, or perhaps while flipping through old photos of your mom rockin’ big hair and big coveralls back in the 70s. In our era of sleek silhouettes and minimalist, black everything, inherently bulky coveralls haven’t been ‘hip’ for a while—but after stumbling upon Druds, it’s a safe bet that that’s about to change.

Druds is a Danish coverall brand founded earlier this year by Birgitte Drud—a self-proclaimed foodie, tango dancer and lifelong coverall devotee. However, you can tell a lot more about her simply by checking out her website: the Druds look book features Birgitte and her pug, Bobcat—and quickly communicates that she gives absolutely zero fucks. In the photos shot by Ditte Valente, Birgitte is smoking cigs in fancy cars, rocking a massive fur hat and laughing her head off with her pug (whose coveralls match hers, by the way)—all while showing off her product. Birgitte’s personality is so infectious it practically seeps through the screen—and as a result, it permeates her coveralls, too. With a bomber jacket look, ultra comfy vibes and stylish colours, the coveralls look damn cool—and kind of make you wish you were Birgitte, kicking off stilettos and chain smoking in a car.

After coming across Druds, we just had to find out more about Birgitte—so we gave her a call to ask about her brand, her taste and her life mottos.

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Get the cool coveralls for women here


Fall 2016

Drud´s Coveralls in the womans magazine Magasinet Liv